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For those who have been playing Minecraft for some time now, would be familiar with the various resources necessary to survive in this game. Often, you will also come across various tutorials which tell you about the usefulness of a certain element. Similarly, you must have come across Redstone. This happens to be one of the essential element of this game. Redstone can be compared to the wires where it is used to connect complicated or badly made machines with each other. Thus, you can understand, this is going to be immensely important for you in the course of the game. You should find a dedicated server host to play your favourite game.

Now, the most newbie of Minecraft would want to know the procedure of procuring this important element. Well, you can get it in several ways. Firstly, you can mine for Redstone. Like all the other essential minerals, Redstone can be unearthed. When you mine, you will get a wide array of minerals, Redstone will be visible once they are smashed with an iron or pickaxe. If you are looking for an easier way to acquire the Redstone, you can do so by getting the better of a witch. The other options are by looting a temple or you can also trade for the same with any villager.

When you finally manage to get a T, you have a world of possibilities in front of you. For the beginners of the game, this can be used as a torch alternatively, if you are looking for an uninterrupted source of light you can do so by combining the Redstone with the glowstone and make a lamp. Understandably, when your place of living is illuminated, you will successfully fend away your potential enemies.

Again, Redstone can be used for making various type of tools. When you are looking at the trigger category, you will locate various levers and buttons and pressure plates. When you press a button it sends a Redstone signal. This along with the other essential tools can be used in conjunction with the red stones. Sending signals at periodic intervals thus become possible.

Now, for the most important utility of these red stones, if you do not know this already, Redstone can successfully make brewing of the potions better. You need to combine Redstone dust and a water bottle which is going to give you the Mundane Potion. Similarly, you can also use this dust to other options as well which include the potion of night vision, invisibility and breathing whilst in water. The duration of all these potions will get a significant boost once Redstone dust is applied.

So, you must have realized how important these red stones are for the sake of surviving in the world of Minecraft. Always ensure, you have enough sources of it to place yourself in a better position in the game. Whenever you like, you can also use your creativity to create something unique with the Redstone. As possibilities are simply unending when you play this incredible game of Minecraft, and red stones help for sure.